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“Utilizing Vision Boards Plus Sticky Notes Effectively”

Are you a visualizer? Do you need to actually see things before you could ever think, that they are possible to obtain? Maybe writing down notes, on pieces of paper, with a pen or pencil. Is a better way to help you organizing your thoughts?

Well if you answered yes to any of those questions, then this post is for you!

Goal Notes

With the year already being 3 months in, I’m sure everyone is going nuts trying to put those New Year resolution promises to self in motion. Every year it’s the same promise. “I’m going to workout more, eat right, lose 20 pounds, find a new job, travel more, etc.” We do this to ourselves every single year. Some times we do start off with a bang. And then as the months start adding up, we tend to lose steam. Other times, we lose steam before we even begin. Why is that? Are we losing focus of our goals because we are not really focused? Or are we not being realistic with what we are ready to achieve at that particular time? It’s really a matter of both. We set these goals for our selves that we are not mentally ready to achieve, at that particular time in life.

Listen, there is nothing wrong with not being ready. Not being ready just means that this particular goal is not ready to come to fruition. The universe will not give you something, until your ready to receive it. And at this particular time in your life, your just not ready. The best thing you can do for self is start out small. Think of things that you are actually ready and prepared to put in work for. You may have to ask yourself “Where do I begin?” Well my girl Erykah Badu said it best “Write it down on real paper with a real pencil. And watch shit get real”

Being Mary Jane

How many times have you watched “Being Mary Jane” and noticed that she had Post It Notes EVERYWHERE? Post It Notes on her bedroom walls and windows. She even had them on her bathroom mirrors. Her house seemed as if Post It Notes have exploded all over her house. And as your watching these episodes you wonder to yourself “Why does she have these damn notes everywhere? And what actual purpose do they serve?”

How bout Vision Boards? Maybe you’ve heard of them but aren’t quite sure what they are. Or how they can work for you. Well Vision Boards and Post It Notes serve the same purpose. They are reflections of the things you visualize for self. They are obtainable goals written out on pieces of paper, or pictures of things you want to see for yourself.

The mind is a wonderful tool. If you close your eyes and concentrate you can envision your thoughts. It’s like a recorder. You can visualize the last show you watched. You can hear the last song you’ve heard, or even listen to your favorite tune. Without it actually being played. You can even see yourself in situations you wish would come to pass. That’s the whole purpose of vision boards. They put images of things in your mind, and it actually helps to assist you in achieving those things. They can be things such as little quotes to help build self esteem, career goals, change of living situations, or personal relationship wants. As long as they are realistic, they are achievable.

So how do they work? Simple

  • Create a list of categories in your life that you feel you need to pay close attention too. Mentally, spiritually, physically, professional, travel and personal relationships. Just to name a few.
  • Within the categories of your choice, write a realistic list of things that you would like to achieve. Start with the most important things. Things that you would like to put into action sooner than later, and then work your way down.
  • You can also add quotes that have special meaning to you. Whether their quotes of your own, or they belong to someone else. Powerful words that help to build self up are wonderful tools if your dealing with self image issues.
  • Imagery from magazines are also great with it comes to visualization.
  • FOCUS! Remember these lists will be your focus point on a daily basis. So when creating these lists have a positive thought process. Positive energy brings about positivity. And we’re looking to make positive changes in life. So let that be your driving force.
  • Most importantly be creative! You can use a regular poster board, or cork board. If your arts and crafty you can frame and design it to your liking. You can even use colorful Post It Notes if you decide you don’t want any boards or your walls.

Whatever you choose, make sure you put your messages in a place that will be visual to you on a daily basis. I found what to be helpful for myself is to leave a “To Do” list on my bathroom mirror, off to the side. Every morning as I brush my teeth and get ready for my day, or end my day I have my constant reminders. To help keep me grounded in my wants and needs. Once I have achieved the things on my list, I remove the Post It, place it on my cork board (Even thought I have done what’s on that particular list. I don’t want to forget the creative process. I want to remember when those things where just thoughts and not reality). And then I create a new list. To replace the already accomplished goals.

Once you decide to put pen to paper, you will notice how much easier it will be to stay focused on your goals. You will also notice that those simple lists that you have written down on these small pieces of paper, will become reality.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab those pieces of papers, and with positivity begin to write. Hopefully it this exercise is as helpful to you as it was/is for me. Come back and share your experiences. I would love to hear from you.

Until next, be great!

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