Natural Hair Goals | Why The Undercut May Be The Right Style For You!

Hey Curly Lovelies!

Let’s jump right into the infamous undercut. I swear, I love this style so much! The undercut allows you to be completely versatile with your hair. It is a real cute style, that is extremely easy to maintain. For me, the undercut will always be in my top ten of favorite natural hairstyles. I do not have worry about keeping the sides of my twenty weeny afro (twa) curls from turning into a full Afro bush, of undefined hair.


Ladies, how many times have you woke up in the am, looked in the mirror, and hated the pile of mess that was on top of your head? Or maybe you love rocking short hair cuts, but now that your hair is natural. So short cuts just are not the same anymore. I mean let’s face it, slicking down short sides with gel is just not appealing to the eye. Especially when it looks like a helmet, made up of mini dried up waves.

For some, the undercut could be viewed as a high maintenance hair style. Yes you do have to constantly keep your sides tight, by keeping a nice crispy shape up. But if your not scared to use clippers, then that would not be a major issue for you.

Back when I was a newbie to this whole natural thing, I was growing out a short haircut. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved my hair. I did a lot of perm rod, and flexi rod sets. After a while, I got bored. I often reminisced about the fun times me and my short haircut, with the low sides had shared. Now I could always straighten my hair, that surly was not an issue.

The problem was, I could no longer lay the sides the way I wanted too. One nice hot steamy shower, that lasted a tab bit too long. Or a shower cap that no longer fit snug on the sides, would threaten to turn my sleek straightened sides back into a twa. And that is something I just could not chance.

So after searching on the web, stalking Pinterest for pictures and watching a billion Youtube videos. I finally found the solution. Something called an undercut. It was cute, looked easy to maintain, and was very versatile. All the things I loved. Plus I could keep the style up myself. I own a pair of clippers, so it was a Win/Win situation for me.

Since then I have always been back and fourth with my undercut. I will get in my mood, let theses grow in. Rock a full fro, and then once I become tired again. I’d cut it all off. Like I have done recently. For now (at least until I grow tired of it again) I have no immediate plans of growing out my sides. The summer will be here before you know it. And I am really looking to keep a level of simplicity when it comes to my hair.

Currently, I am rocking a twist out that is 4 days old. I cut my back and sides down first. Then co-washed my hair, then used mixed chicks leave in conditioner to detangle my hair.

Once my hair was detangled, I sectioned my hair into nice size sections. Depending on the size I wanted my twists to be. Then in each section, I applied my product, and twisted my hair while it was still damp. I used the same products to that I would normally use, when doing a wash and go.

Hair Products Used To Style Undercut

  • Cantu Shea Butter For Natural Hair Coconut Curling Cream
  • Cantu Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream
  • Clear Eco Styler Gel
  • Olive Oil

I actually used the Eco Styler Grill to make my own curling pudding. All I added to the Eco Styler Gel was some regular cheapie conditioner, and olive oil. I never measure anything. I just added enough of everything, until it became a pudding consistency. If you plan on making this yourself, add only a few small drops of any oil of your choice. I find that when you use too much oil, it just throws the whole mixture off. I promise you, this curl pudding is the absolute best. Eco Styler Gel is one of my long time staple hair products. It has never let me down.

I let it my hair dry over night. In fact, I left the twists in for two whole days. I find the longer you leave the twists in, the more defined the curls. Before you begin to take out the twist. Just rub a little bit, about a dime size of oil (any oil of your choice) in your hands, and throughout the twists. Your hair should be nicely defined and soft to the touch.

Seperate each twist, to the size that you desire.  And your done! Twist outs look great on undercuts and any other type of hair. Natural or relaxed.

So ladies, what is your go to style? Please share, I am always interested in trying new things!



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