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“When Driving Your Boyfriend’s Side Chick To His House Goes All The Way Wrong | Uber Bae’s Story”

Is there ever a time when driving Uber for can go terribly wrong? Sure there is, like when your boyfriend is lying and cheating on you, and he tells you he is going away for the weekend? Unfortunate for him, you find out that he is being untruthful. How do you ask? Well when you coincidentally picks up his side chick, then drives her directly to him. Yup all the way to his house.

And this unfortunate story belongs to a very unlucky young lady who drives for Uber.

Uber Bae

Imagine this.

You are an Uber driver picking up a fare from the airport. The fare is a young lady. The young lady gets in, and puts her drop off location into your gps. She seems cool, very talkative. The two of you are vibin’ and bonding with one another at this point. Listening to music and chatting it up with one another.

You finally reach her destination. You pull up to what seems to be a very familiar place to you. As the two of you are looking for the address number to the complex, you notice something. You notice your freaking man coming out of his building and walking towards your car. He’s walking towards your car, to greet this chick, your fare.

Sounds like something from one of those unbelievably bad made for tv romantic movies, right? Well it’s not. This is actually a true story. @Msixelaa as she is known on twitter shares the horrific story of her meeting, bonding, and dropping off her man’s side chick to his house.

If your interested in seeing how this whole thing plays out, then keep reading. And peep the receipts down below.

Now after reading all of that drama, you would think it would all be over. Right? Nope not if her cheating boyfriend has anything to do with it.

I guess it’s safe to say that this relationship it’s over, right? Well for her sake I hope it is. So if you were @Msixelaa what would you have done? Would you have done things differently? Or would you have reacted the same?

I would love to her from you!

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