A Crown Of Glory Story | My Journey To Natural, Healthy And Fabulous Hair

Calling All My Darling Hair Divas,

This post is especially for you!

I originally said to self, I would not incorporate any hair posts on this blog. Not because I don’t like hair, I love it actually. Styling crowns of glory has been one of my first loves. In all seriousness it is. I have had a love affair with it since my dad first taught me how to single braid my barbie’s hair.

Blondes Do Have More Fun
Blondes Do Have More Fun

At one time, I even wanted to become a beautician. That was until I realized that beauty school was extremely expensive. Eventually in adulthood, I was blessed with the opportunity to work as a professional stylist. The experience was less than great. So I continued on to be a kitchen beautician. Something I had been doing for years, prior to the whole beauty parlor ordeal.

When I became of age to care for my own crown, it was on. I was my own teacher and mannequin. I experimented with almost everything, and I was fearless when it came to trying out new trends. And because of that, I have encountered many epic fails along the way.

The main reason why I never wanted to talk about hair on my blog, was because I know it is something that everyone is and has been doing. Weirdly enough, after much thought I have change my mind. Everyone has a different story, with different experiences. So I thought, why not share my experiences? Besides, everywhere I go my hair is a topic of conversation. In addition to when I post pictures on my Facebook and Instagram accounts. I am constantly asked about my curls, who does my hair, my color, the products I use, etc.

I have been fully natural now since June of 2014. Before I went completely natural, I would texlax my tresses. For those of you who are unaware of what that is, let me explain. I would break down the strength of my relaxer, with either an oil or conditioner. Leave the relaxer in for a lesser time, plus no working in the chemical. This is done as a way to prevent the hair from relaxing bone straight. It actually worked well for me.

Although my hair is thick and full, my strands are on the fine side. So it processes quite quickly, when it comes to relaxers. Which would leave me with super dead and flat hair. Something I hated, so I did that for a couple of years. Eventually I grew tired of that whole entire process.

2009 Great Hair Day, Horrible Photo
2009 Great Hair Day, Horrible Photo

My routine was I would texlax, wash, color, roller set, sit under the dryer, flat iron, and then pin curl. I was so over the whole entire process, and on relax days I hated the smell of the chemicals. I figured since only texlaxed 3 times a year, I really did not need it. And I could simply do without it.

When I decided to chop my hair off, there were a series of unfortunate things that accrued. I cut my hair which was longer than shoulder length. I cut it to neck length. Then I wanted layers, so I went to a Dominican Salon, and got layers. Which I totally hated! I was a pin curl girl and now with these new layers, my pin curls just did not turn out the same.


The Layers From Hell!
The Layers From Hell!

After days of searching for the perfect cut that I wanted. I called up my stylist and made an appointment. Left work early, and after waiting about 6 hours, maybe longer it was over. All of my hair was laying on the beautician’s floor. And I could not have been more happier! I have read so many stories where women have cried and mourned over the loss of their hair. Hair has always been an accessory to me, so cutting it was just the norm. And something I was accustomed to doing.

My Big Chop 2014
My Big Chop 2014

Once most of my processed hair was gone, I did a lot of perm and flex rod sets. I wanted to incorporate styles in my routine, that did not include straightening my hair. I did not want to experience the dreaded heat damage, but I also wanted to embrace my natural curls.

I even colored my hair red, which I totally adored. What I did not adore was the upkeep of the color. I stuck it out for over a year, and even incorporated a uncut into the equation. The undercut is one of my favorite hair styles, because it is super low maintenance. You only have the top portion to worry about. Aand as many of you ladies know, when you are rocking a twa, keeping that little afro curly after a good nights rest is a total pain.

2014 The Red Hair Era
2014 The Red Hair Era

After I got rid of the beautiful red, I decided to go blonde, which is one of my favorites colors to date. I actually tried to go blonde before red. It turned out to be a tremendous fail. Of course I did not give up, and I finally achieved success! Since then I have again implemented a undercut into my mix. And this is my current style to date. I have no pictures yet, since I just did my undercut over the weekend. But I will post some soon. As I continue to share my crown glory stories with you

And this is my hair journey, ladies what is yours?



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  • Stacie

    I too wanted to be a cosmetologist but was discouraged by counselors not to do so. I have a love/hate relationship with my own hair, But I’m finally making piece with it.

  • Mimi Green

    I went natural for the very first time in July 2004. Since then I’ve been most natural. I love short hair on me and that is my go to look. Last week I cut it all off again and colored it a cinnamon color, I want to go Blonde for the first time so I’m going to color it again real soon.

  • Candice

    I’ve been natural since 1995. It’s been a LOOOONNNGG journey. I contemplated going to cosmetology school, to do hair because I’ve been doing my own and others since I was 12. I wanted to go to school to get my natural hair license in 2010 (when I lived in NC) because it was required in order to do hair out of your home, but I decided not to. Now in 2017, I still love styling my own hair, but I think I’m tired. I’d prefer for someone else to do it and treat myself.

  • Lauren

    I went natural and did the big chop in 2009. I rocked the TWA, braids and twist outs and all kinds of styles. I’ve colored and blown out my natural hair. Then summer of 2015 I started my locd journey. I’ve been locd now for a year and half and I’m finally loving them. They are a good length where I can do more stuff so I’m having fun.

  • Kiwi

    Thanks for sharing your hair journey. I have been natural since 2005, and I stopped getting relaxers because I couldnt take getting chemicals being put into my body anymore. I did my research while in college, got freaked out and decided cold turkey, no hair products, no youtube, no movement to let go of relaxers when the world said it was still the norm. I am so happy now that natural hair is the new normal and its encouraged to embrace it!

  • Elle (CleverlyChanging)

    I don’t remember the day I went natural. I think it has been 18 years or more since I had my last relaxer. I don’t care about trends, but I care about what makes a woman feel beautiful and comfortable. Whatever it is, then that’s how she should wear her hair.

  • Marsha

    Wow, you certainly aren’t afraid to change things up! I admire that. I love the pic of your big chop. Short hair looks great on you and I love the blonde! I embraced my curly hair around 2009 and have been rockin with that since then.

  • Brittani

    I love reading about your journey! In high school I got into the habit of changing my hair almost every year! Now I am almost 2 years locked and love every bit of it! My hair is healthier than ever, growing fast, and at it’s longest length ever. I’m totally into this natural phase and believe that it’s here to stay!

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