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Spring Is Here! | “Sangria Recipe”

Ahh yes. The sun rays are warmer and the sun light lasts longer. So what better way to enjoy a nice spring day than with a lovely cold beverage? How about a glass of Sangria while your chatting it up with your girls? Well my dears keep reading. I have quick and easy Sangria Recipe just for you!


Sangria Recipe


If you’re anything like me, 9 time’s out of 10 you’re not interested in going out ALL of the time. Sometimes I just rather kick it in the comforts of my own space, at home. Yup I am a home body. Now although I do love kicking it at home, I still want to partake in certain activities. And that’s when the experimenting comes into play.

Lucky for you guys, I love to share the wealth! So here you go, a delicious Sangria Recipe just for you.


Sangria Recipe

Makes a 2 quart pitcher


1 1 /4 cups of brandy

1 Bottle Of Red Wine

2 Oranges Thinly Sliced

2 Granny Smith Apple Sliced

1 Lime Thinly Sliced

1/2 Cup of Sugar

1/2 or 1 Cup Of Seltzer Water Per Glass

Sangria Recipe

Combine the whole bottle of Brandy and sugar. Mix til the sugar is dissolved. Add the bottle of red wine, along with your washed and sliced fruits. You can also add red grapes, black berries and raspberries to the mixture, if your prefer. I did not this time around, but I will add next time.

Once everything was mixed, I refrigerated for about 2 hrs. Just to let the wine, brandy and fruits infuse with one another. You can also let the mixture sit over night for maximum results.

For each glass I poured, I added the seltzer water and garnished with ice. I personally do not add my seltzer water to the pitcher, unless I have company and we’re drinking the whole pitcher. If not the seltzer will become flat, making your drink unsavory.

And that’s it! Your done. See how easy that was? Let me know if your enjoyed my Sangria Recipe. I know I surely did.

PS: Add some chips and guacamole and you’re all set!

Sangria Recipe




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