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“Spreading Yourself Too Thin | Is There A Such Thing As Doing Way Too Much?”

“I am woman, hear me roar!” Ladies you ever feel like you could take on the world? Ever feel like you are every woman, and nothing is too much for you to tackle? Then reality sets in. And you begin to feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. You realize that you are everything, to everyone except the most important person. Yourself.

As women we do everything for everyone, but what do we do for ourselves? Some of us are mothers, wives, sisters, friends, confidants, counselors, nurses, employees, employers, etc. We wear many hats, and in our everyday life of hustle and bustle we never stop and think about the most important person. Us

Spreading Yourself To Thin

Just take a minute to stop and think about this. How can we be everything to everyone, but nothing to ourselves? Usually people don’t like the thought of placing themselves first. We tend to think it’s selfish, but in fact it is needed. We can not care for the world, if we are not properly caring for ourselves.

When you pour from a empty glass, what do you get? Nothing. So how can one possibly think, that if they never put themselves up front, that they would have anything of substance to give anyone?

I know for myself as a single mother of two young girls, who also holds a full time job of 40 hrs a week. While in the process of doing certain things for herself professionally outside of her 9-5. Trying to carve out time to have a personal life, it is hard as hell. It is hard to say “Ok I’m going to take a moment for myself.” When? Where? How? This is something I tend to struggle with personally. I have come to the realization, that it must be done by any means necessary. If I want to sustain a healthy mental state, and do all of the things I want and need to do. Plus give what is needed to those around me, then I must crave out at least an hour for myself.

Once again, but how do you ask?

If you can, take a day just for self, then exercise that right to do so. Treat yourself to lunch or dinner at one of your favorite restaurants. Maybe take in that movie that you wanted to see, but never felt you have the time to. How about now that the weather is changing, take yourself out for a nice stroll. Soak in the atmosphere around you. That’s something we do not do enough of, and we actually tend to miss out on all of beauty the world around us has to offer. We are in such a rush to get from point A, to point B. That we miss out on a lot of what nature has to offer us.

Maybe you are a working mom, and you are unable to get out often. Or you have small kids, no babysitters, or your money is just tight. Then on the weekends, wake up a little bit earlier. Or put the kids to bed earlier than usual. Take a moment to sit with your thoughts, and be one with self. Include a glass of wine if you can. It makes the moments alone all the more enjoyable and refreshing.

Ladies whatever it is you choose to do, make it a point to release stress by putting yourself first more often than never. Also let me know how you tae time for self. I would love to hear from you.

Take care and be great!

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  • Allyse

    Really great topic!! You definitely can spread yourself too thin. I plan on buying a planner this weekend so that I can optimize my time. I have soooo much going on and it can get overwhelming to the point that i just STOP doing anything!

  • Courtenay

    Mhmm, balance is important. Burnout is a real thing, and a lot of the time you won’t realize until you’re all the way spent.

  • ShaBree

    Story my life! I’ve decided for the month of July I’m making a conscious effort to have personal quiet time with myself EVERYDAY! Like you said, you can’t pour from an empty glass.

  • Tiffany H.

    I must admit I do spread myself thin and need to learn to say no sometimes..My self-care includes taking vacations. In those between times I do fun activities, go to the movies or visit a museum.

  • Zuqueta

    This is so crucial to my mental health. A mom, employee, friend, and daughter can make it tough. I plan events or things I want to do about two weeks and advance and put them in our shared family calendar on our phones. That way everyone gets a reminder a day or two before. I have also learned not to feel guilty or apologize when i take that time. Great post.

  • Saisha

    PREEEACH! I just had this conversation with my bestie. We have goals and obligations and this and that, then end up with nothing for ourselves. I’m about to close my computer and go get a pedicure ❤️

  • Kita

    Oh so very true. I struggle with taking time for myself but I have hired a sitter recently and that definitely helps.

  • Tiffany Haywood

    I had to learn the art of saying NO sometime ago. I would always feel like I had to try and be everything to everyone but in doing so I was failing myself. No has become one of my favorite ways to be sure I don’t spread myself too thin.

  • Kenya

    I love love loveeee the quote “I am a woman ,hear me roar” it might be short but it has such a powerful meaning especially in the world we live in today ! Otherwise this post was very well written and empowering

  • Rondra

    It is so easy to fill our schedules with to-do list and tasks that we often forget to make ourselves a priority in life. This year I am working hard to make time for myself!

  • Ty

    I am here for ALL of this. I’m also a Single Mom and for 14 years, I put my all into my son. I’ve realised that I have to start taking care of me and having some “me time,” in order to decompress and relax because you’re right, you can’t have an empty glass and expect to pour something out of it.

  • Nicole Williams

    Yes. Speaking from experience, you certainly can spread yourself way too thin. I’ve had to learn to say NO more, and be OK with it for my own preservation. I’ve learnt that not all invitations is life is worth accepting.

  • Sabrina

    This right on time! I can’t lie and say I don’t wake up some days and feel encouraged by plans to change the world and within seconds feel as if my walls are closing in on me with fear! Sometimes you have to release take care of yourself.

  • Kasi

    You are so right! I think a lot of women spread theirselves too thin, it’s in our nature to help out others and take on everything! But it’s so important to get time for yourself and not do the most all of the time.

  • Tanay Michele

    I feel like I’m constantly on team #trynadotoomuch! I’m getting better at prioritizing and making sure I make time for myself so I don’t feel like I’m working hard for everyone else.

  • Chrystal, ChryssVI

    American society is all about living to work. Women have to focus on the household, their career, and family outside of the household all while keeping themselves up. We have to change that. There’s nothing wrong with letting everyone at home make their own breakfast or dinner, nothing wrong with taking a day off, nothing wrong with being selfish for a day.

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