Shea Moisture | Releases New Commercial And Upsets The African American Natural Hair Community

For all the natural curly girls of African American descent, Shea Moisture Hair & Skin care line has be the ultimate holy grail. Curly girls everywhere boast about how wonderful the line is for natural hair. I know usually when there is a sale at my local walgreens, their products seem to fly off the shelves. Well I have a strong feeling that those times are going to change.

Shea Moisture has started a campaign called #EVERYBODYGETSLOVE. In this campaign there has been a series of 3 different videos that has been released. The series started out strong with woman of color, then with every new video that was released.  More woman  that did not represent African decent has been inserted. While African American woman were being gazed out.

Since their #EVERYBODYGETSLOVE campaign has begun, a new commercial has been released for the natural hair care giant. That’s when problems started to arise. Unlike the campaign videos, there were not one woman who represented for the woman of color natural hair community. Not one kinky or course hair texture in sight. Where were all of the curly brown girls who have raved about this product? Where were all of the multi colored brown girls who’ve helped to make this product a staple within the natural, African American community?

The few that represented the product during the course of the campaign were replaced. They were replaced by woman none of us could relate to. Is that not strange? The truth of the matter is, woman of color were the ones who stood behind and boasted for years how wonderful this product was. And when it came time to put face(s) behind the brand on a broader level, woman of color were nowhere to be seen.

Since the release of the brand new commercial, woman have taken to social media to blast the hair care giant. There are even talks of boycotting at this point. Now some other nationalities are wondering “What’s the big deal?” I don’t think the issue is that they chose woman of other walks of life to represent their product. We are not naive enough to think nor believe that we are the only ones who uses this product.

The issue is that Shea Moisture has completely forgot about us. We have been their core supporters for so long. Pushing their product within our community, and pretty much making them a household name. Within the natural hair community. So to make a commerical ad, that excludes us. Is like a slap in the face.

Shea Moisture did release a statement.
Shea Moisture Releases A Statement

Shea Moisture Second Statement

Apparently, Shea Moisture is trying to restore their relationship within the African American community. At this point I am unsure that Shea Moisture can dig themselves out of the hole that they have dug for themselves. Their relationship with the African American community will never be the same. Could they fix this problem? I am sure they could try, but will it be acceptable after the damage has already been done?

What are your thoughts? Do you intend to still supporting Shea Moisture Skin & Hair products? Or will you be searching for a new alternative, leaving this line to sit and collect dust on your local beauty supply store shelves?

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  • Trustmstruth

    It is okay for Black women to have something to call their own. It is okay for a hair product to look as if only black kinky hair girls buy. It’s okay. They make it look like it’s not and we are not important. If you want to blend then blend but do not exclude and I was sick at the thought that they completely disregarded the very community that actually buys their products and I can’t lie I’m so disgusted I will not be buying their products again!

  • LaShon Renee

    I also wrote a post about this firestorm. I like most Black women are disappointed in Shea Moisture but I’m even more disappointed at who their executives are, as the majority of them are white. I shouldn’t have to fight to be represented at a Black-owned company. Since that’s the case I’ll be moving on.

  • Jay Colby

    This is a topic that has been all over social media for a few days. If there was movement to not support Shea moisture I would certainly understand.

  • DonnaJ

    I had to check out this commercial to see what all the uproar was about. My opinion is that if they unintentionally offended their core customer base, then it should be viewed as just that unintentional. Everyone makes mistakes. If we continue to be so harsh on black owned businesses and their brands for one perceived error or lapse in judgement, then there will be none left standing. Let them make amends as they said they would. But given them room and the respect to grow and expand their brand as big as possible. Perhaps they will start buying out other companies instead of black owned businesses always being bought out by others.

    • Toni Wiggins

      Unfortunately they have partnered up with another race of folks. That’s where the need to appeal to the other race comes from. I have no issue with wanting to expand your market of buyers. That’s cool. But to just leave out and disregard the very core group of people that have helped make you a world wide natural hair care distribution company is insane. I did not think they “forget”. They chose not to include. They did not forget to include us in the campaign of hair hate. So how could you forget to add us in a nation wide commercial? And what they did was add a young lady who could straddle the fence of being one of the other. Without actually bearing too much resemblance of a kinky, curly haired sister. And that’s a problem.

  • Becc Smith

    It definitely upset me. I have been using Shea Moisture for years and telling people who asked about natural hair products about Shea Moisture. I have SM bath products as well as some makeup. So I am definitely done. My loyalty was not rewarded since I was not represented in the video. That apology saying they “f-ed up” bye Felicia!

  • Candice

    I think I’m more disappointed that this didn’t go through a final approval process with culturally sensitive people on the ad agencies staff or at shea moisture. This should have died on the cutting room floor. I stopped using most Shea Moisture hair products (with the exception of the Jamaican Black Castor Oil line – that’s still bae) a few years back. Once their curl & style milk formulas changed, that was it for me.

  • Lia World Traveler

    Thank you for your take on the Shea Moisture debacle. I am torn on this because while I think it is okay to have products just for us, I also think businesses need to grow and expand. The way they went about it was sloppy but I understand why they did it.

    • Toni Wiggins

      Your welcome! And thank you for visiting and I hope you return.

      I am not against them expanding either. All good businesses that want to have longevity and expand their target consumers need to grow. But the way they went about was sloppy as you stated. It was like they threw their core consumers aside for the new ones. You have to find a way to please both.

  • Nay

    Honestly its just disappointing to know that this was even created. We (black women) don’t have much in the beauty section, therefore since this line was produced it helped to know this line is a go-to. However, at this point my question is; have the heard us? will they still cater to us 100%? and will we have to go through something like this again?

  • Ra'Nesha

    There are so many natural hair product distributors honestly I didn’t care their products are worth my dime.

  • Evelyn Reese

    Wow, this was an interesting piece on Shea Moisture. Thanks for highlighting this information for us to make an informed decision. However, I have never really been a big supporter.

  • Ashlee Adams

    I understand the concept of them expanding, I just think that the delivery was not the greatest. We all make mistakes! I still support and there is no love lost from me. Maybe a couple of sideyes, but that’s about it. lol

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