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My name is Toni. I currently reside in Brooklyn NYC. I am a single female, and a mother of two young ladies.

One of my personal passions is to help and encourage people with positivity. The world we live in today creates so much pain and negativity for us. Positivity is like a bright ray of sunshine and a breathe of fresh air. It is needed in order get through life, like water is needed to quench your thirst. Positivity can be helpful in aiding us to have a better outlook on life and self. We all need to know that we are deserving of all things that are great and good. And that we are possible of achieving those things when we leave negativity behind.

Creating spaces where people can feel free to be themselves is big to me. We all need to take a load off when life is weighing us down, and good conversation is a wonderful way to unpack. This platform was created as a way of connecting people through life experiences. We all travel the same paths time to time. And sharing our individual stories may help another person get through the day, good or bad.

 Here I will be covering a large number of topics. From dating, parenting, food, or anything in entertainment, will be covered here. So here is to being a woman, living in this concrete jungle called life. All while maintaining a level of sanity, and being fabulous along the way.

Thanks for joining me. I hope you enjoy the journey.


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