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Quick Dinner Ideas | Toni’s Flavorable Rice

Hey guys! I am back with a simple and easy recipe, and you know how much I love simplicity! This meal is a one pot quick dinner meal, which is easy to make. It is also delicious at the same time! So if your looking for quick dinner ideas, I have just the recipe for you!

Quick Dinner Ideas

Quick dinner ideas, I love them! As you guys know, I love things they are quick, fast and easy! Anything that’s a quick dinner meal during the week, is a meal for me. Something that when I come home from work, I can cook real quick and eat. This meal is one of them. The only thing that takes time is cleaning the shrimp. What I can say it is worth it!


1 Llb Of Cleaned Shrimp

3 Andouille Sausage Sliced

2 Cups Of Washed Parboiled Rice

3 Minced Garlic Cloves

2 Stalks Of Scallions

2 Springs Of Thyme

2 Springs Of Parsley

3 Springs Of Basil

3 Tablespoons of Old Bay Seasoning

2 Tablespoons Of Paprika

2 Tablespoons Of Adobo

1 Teaspoon Of Black Pepper

2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil

1 Scotch Bonnet Pepper (Optional)

3 Cups of Water

2 Tablespoons of Sofrito (tomato base kind)

1 Chicken Bouillon Cube

2 Small Vegetable Bouillon Cubes

Heat a Dutch oven (or whatever pot you use to cook rice in) along with the 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil. Add the 3 sliced Andouille Sausage. Stir fry for 5 mins, then add cleaned and seasoned shrimp. Cook until shrimp is no longer opaque, then remove from pot. Set aside.

Add minced garlic to leftover oil drippings from sausage and shrimp and stir fry until fragrant. Add your uncooked rice and stir fry for an additional 5 mins. Take the chicken and vegetable bouillon cube, and add them to the 3 cups of water to dissolve. Then stir in the water along with, sofrito, the scotch bonnet pepper, old bay seasoning, paprika, adobo, and black pepper. Cover rice and allow it to simmer.

After rice has cooked for about 15 mins, add sausage, shrimp, parsley, basil and thyme. Let rice simmer on a low fire until cooked, about 10 additional minutes.

Lastly remove your scotch bonnet pepper, and then add the chopped up scallions to your rice. Stir and cover, allowing rice to steam and make scallion just a bit soft. That’s it, your rice is cooked. And now your done!

Fluff and serve.

Quick Dinner Ideas

Hopefully you enjoy this recipe as much as I did.

Bon Appetit!


Toni 💋




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