Black Excellence | They Tried It Again By Unveiling A Light-Skin Queen Nefertiti On The Today’s Show

In the name of Black Excellence. African American Culture is BEAUTIFUL! We were born of Kings and Queens. And The Queen Nefertiti is royalty at it’s finest.

Yes we were stolen, and enslaved. Brutally killed and beaten. Our men, women and children were enslaved and demeaned. We were never given our 40 acres and a mule, but it does not erase OUR history. The events that we have gone through, does not change who we truly are as a race. And the beauty that we come from.

So why in the total hell do the others keep trying to take our history from us, and make it their own? I mean let’s be real here. Are we not entitled to have anything? We have broken our backs for this country, for centuries. And all that we are given are scraps in return.

They look at our culture and trash it. Try to make it less appealing, only to then turn around and claim it to be their own. For years, they have flooded our school systems with “their” history. Their images adoren the pages of text books, and when they make movies? Movies of Pharohs, Queens and Kings, they are played by tanned white actors, and actresses. You can’t stop but to think to yourself, when will it stop? Your guess is as good as mines, no time soon. Hell maybe even never.

Josh Gates stopped by The Today’s Show yesterday morning, to promote his new special on the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. With him, he had a statue that was created from the remains of the Queen Nefertiti DNA. Josh had the nerve to unveil a statue on air of some white lady. Her complexion was so off even Hoda Kotb, who is an Egyptian American was quite surprised.

The sad part about this whole situation is not her facial structure, but it’s that she was made to look European. When we all know for a fact, that Queen Nefertiti was in fact a full black women.

Unfortunately Josh Gates, you have insulted us all with your replica. I would strongly advise you, to go back to the drawing board and try again.

Lastly if or when you decide to take a piece of OUR history. Make sure you represent it, in it’s original glory. The Queen Nefertiti was a beautiful black women, and she should be represented as such!



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  • Sheena Steward

    I was actually watching the show live when he did the unveiling. I thought maybe it’s too early and I’m not fully awakened yet. That wasn’t the case just a simple case of someone once again rewriting history.

  • Lia World Traveler

    I don’t have an issue with light-skinned people being used to portray certain historical African characters if they can play the role. What I do have a problem is white-washing black characters and prioritizing European features over African ones as the preferred aesthetic and standard of beauty. Thank you for continuing to raise the flag on things like this, it’s time to end this craziness.

    • Toni Wiggins

      I definitely do agree with you about white washing of black characters. But I also feel like using lighter skinned actors/actresses to play roles of darker skinned figures are a form of white washing. My thing is this. If research was done, and the original person was of a darker skin tone, then why not use a darker skin toned actor? Like Nina Simone for example. They used Zoe Saldana to play her. Was there no actress that resembled her available?

  • Mimi Green

    Sigh! I feel like no matter what we say, how we say it, they won’t ever get it. It is sad, but on levels that they won’t ever be able to comprehend. We had to build this world and they expect us to constantly carry it on our backs.

  • Jay Colby

    Things like this don’t surprise me at all. In my opinion we have to stop putting so much stock into people who hate or have negative opinions about our culture, history or experiences in America.

  • Danielle

    This was so wild to me! Like they really are intent on making us believe black people did not exist in africa. It’s a shame, I really used to be entertained by Josh Gates 🙁

  • TeAsia Battle

    I didn’t watch the show but when I saw the picture it was so devastating. I live somewhere that there has been a great amount of gentrification and its just like someone is always trying to steal OUR history and where we come from. Its so sad but its like we expect it now.

  • Amber

    Paul Mooney said it best, “everybody wanna be a n****, but don’t nobody wanna be a n****.” They’ve tried to erase our culture for centuries, and the fact that they actually created a light-skinned Egyptian queen only proves that they don’t want anyone to know of our history. Thank you for shedding light on this.

  • Ola

    I did not see or hear about this episode on the today show. But I have to admit I’ve never imagined Nefertiti looking like an African-American. And in fact I’ve done a bit of research on the matter and it seems that Nefertiti might not have looked neither African American nor white. She most likely looked…Egyptian. Yet still a woman of color. So I can see why it would be upsetting to see her portrayed as aryan. It’s just not accurate.

    • Toni Wiggins

      I didn’t do extensive research, but from what I did run across, her granddaughter was quite dark. So I’m not too sure if Nefertiti was as dark as her granddaughter, but I’m not sold on her being this fair as well. Also Egyptians are not only light, they come in multiple shades. Like Hoda is fair, and I worked with an Egyptian man who was darker than I.

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