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“Is the old saying true | Do nice guys finish last?”

Are nice guys taken advantage of? Of course they are.


Well it’s pretty simple. Some people are just overly nice to a fault. It’s in their nature to be natural pleasers. They receive fulfillment by making others happy. Which is not a bad thing, unless they meet the wrong person.

Nice Guy

Ladies how many times have you met a guy who was super sweet and nice? He treats you like a queen and gives you almost all that your heart desires.

There’s just one problem.

He doesn’t fulfill all of your needs, and so your just not into him. Yes he is sweet and nice, but he does nothing for you otherwise. He doesn’t ignite that fire deep down inside of you. He doesn’t intrigue you in any shape, fashion or form. There’s no wonderment or mental stimulation what so ever.

Well what do most woman do?

They reason with self like “Listen girl, he’s so nice and sweet. There’s not too many others out here like him. Yeah he is boring as shit, and he does nothing to stimulate you in any other way. But girl you need a man like him. Maybe you should just give him a shot, you could learn to like him.”

I know a time or two many of us, including myself has taken the easy way out. You decide to give Mr. Nice Guy a chance. You go against your better judgement. You throw caution in the wind, and take a chance on him. And besides, you don’t want to hurt his feelings. Solely based on the fact that he has been so good to you. Therefore you try to stick it out, and you quickly regret it.

You should never consider being in a relationship with someone, based only on them being kind to you. Or them allowing themselves to be taken advantage of. There has to be more. We all require more, and if you don’t then you should. When you place yourself in situations like this, your just settling. And also setting yourself up for failure. You are also not being fair to him, as a person.

In relationships there are things that we just simply need. Things that are non negotiable. Yes he may not be everything for you, but he may be everything for someone else. Which is absolutely ok.

There is no rule stating that he cannot be a great friend to you, only. Everyone is not meant to be your mate. (Yeah sorry fellas the dreaded friend zone.) Besides he may be receptive and ok with only being a friend. And if not then you have to set him free, which is fine. It’s best you do that then string him along.

Whatever you chose to do, just be up front with him and let him down easily. Your doing him and yourself a favor. Even if it is not obvious at the time.

Now ladies all is not lost. There is a flip side to all of this. You could meet a Mr. All In One. Not only does he treat you like a queen, but he stimulates you mentally and physically. All of those things are important to helping build a solid foundation. For a long-lasting relationship.

We as humans tend to get caught up in the wrong things, that we forget how important mental stimulation is. At times we make the wrong sacrifices. Rarely do you met a person who has everything you are looking for. You just have to establish what’s most important to you.

So to answer the question do nice guys finish last? Yes sometimes they do unfortunately. Until they sit at the right table and play their hand for the right person. And that right person might be you. Just peep the resume and don’t put the blinders on. You don’t want to bypass the important stuff.

Ladies what are your thoughts? I’d love to hear your feedback.

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