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New Year, New Me | “What Are You Doing To Prepare Yourself Mentally?”

New Year, New Me?

No really, are you one of those New Year, New Me folks? Usually at the top of December you hear folks everywhere claiming that when the new year hits, they will make transformations. Transformations to become a better them. They make promises to eat right, exercise weekly, get rid of toxic relationships, so on and so fourth.

But how many people actually take the initiative to carry out the promises that they have made to themselves, and others? And for those who take the initiative to carry out these promises to self, how many stick with these promises for the long haul?

Usually, we tend to set these unrealistic goals for self. Things that we know we are uncapable of seeing through. This is were we fail ourselves. Not only do we make promises to do things that we know we are unready to follow through with. But also we do not mentally prepare ourselves so that we are mentally capable of sticking with our goals.

I am sure there are many things in our lives that we would like to change. There is nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, change not only occurs when we know there is a need for it, but also when we have mentally and physically prepared for it.

Change can either be a rapid process, or a slow grind. So don’t beat yourself up if things do not happen in the manner, or in the time frame you think they should. As long as it is for the best, you are taking a step in the right direction.

One thing that can be helpful in assisting you in carrying out your goals is, to write those goals down. Writing things down makes them seem obtainable. The same thing goes with vision boards. Most people (such as myself) are visual beings. Once we see something in front of our faces on a consistent basis. It makes us more inclined to follow through with those goals.

In addition and most importantly, be realistic with self. Don’t shoot for these over the top self projects. Oftentimes, we tend to have these big ideas. Fully knowing that it many be too challenging of a project. One we are not fully to see through, and do what is needed to accomplish.

Do yourself a favor. Start off small, and work your way up. So when you say to yourself “New Year, New Me” you know that your going to follow through and not be a disappointment to self.

Happy New Years!



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