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“Must Watch | Brand New Youtube Web Series, Giants.”

Watching the same old content, time and time again can be a bit frustrating.  You are on a constant hunt for new and interesting shows to watch. You no longer care if the shows are on a major tv network or not. As long as the content is good, the story lines flows. And the video doesn’t look like those old 1990’s bootleg movies, remember those? You the kind, the ones with the fuzzy background. The ones that made squint. In order to get a better view of what was in front of you.

Well surprisingly enough, finding suitable content is really not that hard to find these days. Also, I have begin to realize that, Youtube is growing rather quickly as a place to tap into for real quality shows. Shows that are worth watching.

Watch Giants Poster
Giants Poster

A couple of years back I decided to cut the cord. I had to get rid of my cable subscription and that high ass bill that accompanied it. It left me with figuring out new ways to watch tv. This search led me to rely on Netflix and Hulu for entertainment me at the time. But after a while, those streaming tools just were not giving me the type of content that I had craved. They did not have as many choices as they do today. So once again, I had to search for new sources to find different things to watch.

In my search I decided to tap into Youtube. That’s where a whole different world opened up for me. There were so many different types of shows to watch. Shows just patiently waiting to be discovered. Good quality shows also, much to my surprise. Since then, I have never looked back.

I have managed to expand to what I watched on network tv. By adding web series, that I am a loyal fan to. So loyal that I follow their Youtube accounts, subscribe to their networks, and I participate in their Go Fund Me accounts. As a way to support the production for more content. That they may not be able to afford on their own. Since they have no backing from any major tv networks.


In one of my most recent searches, I have stumbled upon a new web series produced by Issa Rae. Anytime I see her name attached to anything creatively, I am on board. I have been a longtime fan of her’s since her first web series titled “Awkward Black Girl”. Also to my surprise, I was shocked to see along side her producing this show is Jussie Smollett. Together they bring to us a new web series by the name of “Giants”, which is written and starred in by James Bland. James Bland also served as a main character in another one of Issa Rae’s produced web series, by the name of “First”.

“Giants” follows three friends who are battling issues together. As well as some personal issues separately.

James Bland plays Malachi. A young black man who is just trying to figure out where where he belongs in this world. He decided to pack up his bags, and step out of his comfortable life. The comfortable life that he had established for himself. So he decided that moving away from home would point his life in a more positive direction. Malachi soon realizes that he really has no clue where he wants his life to go.

Vanessa Baden, who has been seen on shows such as Kenan And Kel as Kenan’s little sister. Vanessa also was a main character on the TV show Gullah Gullah Island. Currently, she plays a character by the name of Journee. Journee is a college friend of Malachi’s. Who has become his  roommate, since graduating college. Journee has a hard time staying employed. Due to the fact that she has an on going battle with manic depression. And because of that, most days she just can not manage getting out of bed.

Sean Samuel, who is a new comer on the acting scene. He plays a character by the name of Ade. Ade is an engineering graduate. Who has unfortunately, despite of what he’s father wants for him. Which is to put his engineering degree to use. Becomes a professional dancer for a living. And in addition to becoming a dancer. Ade was involved in a same sex relationship. Something he has decided hide from the new friends he has gained since moving away from home.

This series consists of 6, 25 minute episodes. “Giants” is a very well thought out, written show. If you have not had the opportunity to check this show out yet. Then put it on your do list. You won’t be disappointed.

So give it a try. Watch “Giants” and let me know what you think. And is worth the click?

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