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Class Is In Session | “Is A Grown Man Too Old To Be Taught New Tricks?”

Is the old saying true? Can you really not teach an old dog new tricks? Men no I am not literally calling you dogs. Well not all of you. Honestly both men and women alike. Once we reach a certain age, are we unteachable? Especially men? Is a man tainted goods, and not worth the effort of teaching him anything new. If he fails to come equipped with all that we desire?

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As we grow older and begin to mature, is there some sort of limitation on what we are capable of taking in? Do we stop learning and give up on further nurturing our minds, to become more knowledgeable of life, love and relationships? Or are we simply just lazy, and lack the patience to verbalize with our mate what we really want, need and expect of them?

In different conversations I have heard many woman say that they are not interested in teaching a man anything new. If he does not come equipped with everything he needs to know to make a relationship thrive, he is not worth the time. Honestly that way of thinking is pretty bazar to me, since we are constantly learning and growing throughout our entire lives.

Not only are we forever learning, but we would benefit greatly by allowing ourselves to be open to new experiences. As much as our ego’s like to lead us to believe we know all there is to know about everything in life, we really do not. And since we do not know all there is to know about life, we could stand to expose ourselves to new possibilities.

For me, the way I view relationships is, they should be a give and take experience. For every encounter and or partnership comes with new information. Within those partnerships, you should never walk away without a new knowledge tool. Now if you so happen to be apart of something that is not opening you up to new things, then my dear you are simply wasting your time. Every relationship should present a different experience. Whether it is a good or bad experience, there is new knowledge waiting to be gained. So with that being said, you should be willing to be about of an experience where you gift someone wonderful life lessons.

Sharing teachable lessons should also included intimate relationships as well. Often times we may be in a relationship where everything else is great! But unfortunately our needs are not being met sexually. And for whatever reason, the unsatisfied party does not want to speak up on their behalf. Instead they will continue  to endure an epic failure of a sex life. Why settle for a bad sex life, which in turn will make your relationship basic as hell? Believe me, bad sex will negatively effect a relationship if it is not addressed.

Remember that episode of “Being Mary Jane” when Kara started dating Orlando? She loved who was as a person within their relationship, but in the bedroom Orlando was all over the place (how many of us has been there?). Leaving Kara less than pleased and thrilled to sleep with him. So she took matters into her own hands, and decided to teach him what she liked and wanted intimately. I am pretty sure that in his past relationships, Orlando may (or may not) have been slaying in the bedroom. If he was not then he may have dealt with a few woman who were not into teaching him what they liked.

In the beginning Orlando was not very receptive in being the student. As I am sure that is the case with many men. It is a pride thing as everyone wants to believe they are a god in the bedroom, and us woman lead them to believe they are such. Now Kara could have just either dealt with what Orlando was giving her, or left him alone. But why walk away from a good thing behind something that is so fixable? Or why settle for bad sex?

In your partners last relationship(s), things may have been done differently. Also not everyone likes the same things. So why should he be held accountable for his past experiences? I say if a man is willing to learn, no matter the age, then why not teach him and guild him to greatness? Yes I understand that most of the time the easier option is to walk away. But if you have encountered somebody that has good qualities over all, then I am sure he’s worth the effort. Besides I am pretty sure we all can stand a bit of tweaking here and there, in and out of the bedroom.

In the game that is called relationships, there is a lot to be gained through communication and patience. If you are strong in the communication department. Have a great level of patience, and willing participant. Then you can turn something that is mediocre into a beautiful experience, for all parties involved.

So what are your thought? Do you dug deep and invest in something that is worth it? or take the easy way out and retreat? I’d love to hear from you.

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