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“Listening To Your Intuition” | Knowing Who & What To Trust

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you trust yourself? Are you always listening to your intuition? Or are you failing yourself miserably, because you choose to down play those inner thoughts and feelings?

Each of us has one. An inner voice that speaks to you quite frequently. You know the voice. The one voice that connects us to the universe. The voice that try’s to help assist us with making rational and sound decisions. The voice that becomes a feeling of flutter within our gut. Which notifies us on whether or not our actions, paired with our thoughts are moving in the right direction.

I am sure you’ve felt it. We all have. But the issue isn’t whether you have felt it or not. The issue is what action do you take once that indicator goes off and forces you to pay attention? If you even pay attention at all. Unfortunately, often times when that inner voice of peace, reason and safety speaks to us, we tend to go against it.

On many occasions we will and have second guessed that feeling. Why? Is it because we are not sure and secure with what we are actually feeling? But how could this be? I mean shouldn’t we have enough faith in self? And if we don’t, then who can we have faith in to guide us through tough situations, and onto the right path?

In most situations, we may not have enough faith to trust in self, but we will be extremely trusting within someone else. So trusting that we allow them to override our own instincts. Which just sounds insane when you think about it. How can you distrust your thoughts, but relay on someone else’s?

For instance when you are dating someone and you get the feeling that things just aren’t right. And instead of acknowledging what you are feeling. You allow that other person to talk you out of  your own feelings. So you end up putting all of your trust and faith in that person. Only to be let down and disappointed later on down the line.

Why do we do that to ourselves? It’s like self sabatoge. That voice is present for a reason. It is our very own alarming system. That is set in place to help us avoid danger, weight our options, and make reasonable and rationale decisions. Unfortunately we don’t utilize it enough, and it just wastes away.

But the more you pay attention, the more present that alarm will be. Which will aide you in avoiding so much pain, grief, and heart ache. All we need to do is invest in self more, by being more solid and trusting in our own decision making skills.

I mean what do you have to lose? Other than increasing your chances to be more in tune with self.

And that my dear doesn’t sound like a bad thing after all.


Toni 💋

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  • Olivia

    Great topic to discuss. I always tell my exes my women’s intuition never leads me wrong. It has always guided me correctly. I firmly believe in God so I know it’s part him as well. My gut once told me to google an ex lover I had. When I met him yer prior I had but hadn’t done a recent search. When we parted ways my gut said research him again. What I found girl! His WIFE’s family had a website about their family and he was published on there. I had no idea he was married all this time. I was totally blown away. I’d been dealing with him a few years. Nothing serious just a fling but still I’m no home wrecker. I confronted him about it. He didn’t deny a thing. But also said he was getting a divorce.

    Ladies always trust your gut!!

    • Toni Wiggins

      Thank you.

      No way!!!!!! See this is what I am saying. We just brush off these feelings and minimize them. No pay attention!!! God speaks to use many ways we just have to pay attention.

  • Shainna

    This is a great post. I couldn’t agree more! I like to think I’ve always been a good judge of character. I know when someone doesn’t vibe with me, the feeling is strong. I can’t always put my finger on it, but I just know! I’m learning more and more to follow my gut!

    Thank you for this post!

  • Jeuelle

    I loved how you discussed the concept of “help meet” in marriage roles. I had an idea of what a help meet is before I got married but, as a woman married 12 years, I can tell you that it’s still a learning process, lol. Marriage relationships continue to evolve over time and the need to adjust and re learn your spouse and also re-figure your role in the relationship never ends. Thank you for sharing your insight, sis!

  • Nicole

    I often to pray for the gift of discernment. I am reading Iyanla Vanzant latest book “Trust” and one of the basic principles she mentions is rusting yourself based off your previous experience and trust that what you learned from that situation is going to lead you to being a better person and making better decisions. Trust is always hard no matter how you look at it, but you have to believe in your intution and yourself that you won’t make the same mistakes in life.

  • Shelly

    I often use my discernment when meeting someone or entering into a unknown space. If I’m paying close attention I listen and follow it!

  • Jeuelle

    This was an awesome post! I often second guess myself and battle with following my intuition, mostly because I know I’m a worrier by nature and generally more cautious than most people.

    • Toni Wiggins

      Thank you. And I understand where your coming from. Us thinkers will go over simple things a thousand times. Try being more trusting of self. And it will become easier with time.

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