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Claw Daddy’s NYC | “Is It Really Worth The Hype?”

Looking for a place where you and your good girl friends can go and dine out for brunch? Somewhere that includes seafood and drinks? While looking for a place to go, you may have heard someone mention Claw Daddy’s in NYC. They may have said that it is a great spot to dine. So you figure, “Hey why not try there?”

For those of you who have never heard of Claw Daddy’s, you may be thinking to yourself “What the hell is that?” Claw Daddy’s a place that  offers Louisiana styled seafood. Such as something they call “Louisiana Boil”, Raw Bar, Craft Beer, and also mixed drinks. Claw Daddy’s has been opened since 2012 and is located in the Lower Side of Manhattan.

In order to dine there you have to make a reservation. Here’s the kicker, if you make a reservation for 6 people, all 6 people must be present or you will have to pay a fee for them. You get a 5 minutes grace period, and if you are not present then you will lose you reservation. I am not sure if you have to pay a fee for cancelation.

Pricing is ok, here is a listing of their menu and what they have to offer:

Oysters & Cajun Wings
$1 .50
Grilled Oysters & Clams
Craft Beers
Adult Capri-suns

Head-On Shrimp
$15 / lb
$15 / lb
$15 / lb
Snow Crab Legs
$23 / lb
King Crab Legs
Dungeness Crab
Water Boil
No sauce. Simply water boiled. Served with melted butter and lemon on the side
Original Cajun
Blend of variety of cajun spices, including cayenne pepper, paprika, parsley and more
Lemon Pepper
Original cajun spice mixed with lemon zest and black pepper
Garlic Butter
Original cajun spice mixed with melted butter and roasted garlic
Butter Cheese
Original cajun spice mixed with melted butter and parmesan cheese
Claw Daddy’s Special
Blend of all our sauces to bring out the richest, fullest cajun flavor
or Insane
White Rice
Garlic Noodle
Sauteed Spinach
Brussels Sprouts

So from what you see they have quite a few things to offer. Before I give you the deeds on the food, let’s talk about the atmosphere. It’s a dimly lit restaurant with a rustic feel. Large windows that span the entire front of the space. A couple of overhead lighting, that is present in the entry of the restaurant. Large wooden tables that are paired with long wooden benches, picnic styled tables. Exposed brick walls in the rear end of the space.  Claw Daddy’s really is not a large restaurant but the space is comfortable.

Unfortunately I could not get a photo of the rest room because it’s so dark in there. Just a small amount of light coming in from the main area. Which I am sure you can tell by the above photos, it’s really not a lot.

Ok now that we have discussed the atmosphere, on to the food.

I attended with a few young ladies, so we all opted to order the Claw Feast. One Claw Feast for every two people. It’s a pound per Claw Feast, which is a nice amount of food. When you place your order it does take quite some time for them to prepare your order. One of the young ladies that were dining in our group ordered some wings and crab cakes for the wait. The wings were so so and it was like $1 per wing. Those wings were not the dollar spent. The crab cakes? They were these little balls that wee mixed with something, and they were very moist on the inside. Needless to say, I was not a fan. And neither was the young lady who ordered. Before we received our food, we were gifted our drinks, like any other restaurant. Everyone in our party order the Adult Capri Suns. I ordered the Mardi Gras which consists of soju (a potato liquor), mint, passion fruit, lime. I was extremely unimpressed, hell I was down right unhappy. Everyone at my table was less than thrilled also. I could have just gotten a beer.

After those less than filling drinks, the moment of truth. Our food had finally arrived. I was so starving I made sure not to eat so that I could save space for the food I was about to devour. I love seafood! In preparation for our food, they line the tables with news papers, paper towels, and mini buckets filled with gloves and wet naps. Once the food arrives they spread the food in front of each party of two.

Ok what I will say is this, the sauce that they use is everything! I absolutely loved the sauce. My partner and I got the medium spiced sauce, which still had some kick to it. And I love spicy food. But with all of that spice and such the food wasn’t actually seasoned. So the corn and potatoes were extremely bland. The rest of the food, such as the fish only had taste because of the sauce. I actually ran my food through the sauce before eating. They could have kept the craw fish, as I am not a huge fan of it.

Over all I give the food a bout a 4 1/2 – 5. And that is only because of the sauce and the bread. The crusted bread was a good addition.

Well there you have it. The food was okay I guess, the drinks were horrible. I’ve heard there are better seafood restaurants out there. I will try to try those places out, and report back to you. If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave a comment down below.


Toni 💋

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