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    “Can Youtube’s “Tough Love” Web Series Become Popular On Your Must See TV List?’

    YouTube has become a place, where people have been given the opportunity to create a lot of wonderful content. Long gone are the days where you would only find how to video’s. With horrible lighting and even worst content. Now the public is using this world wide video-sharing web site giant, as a platform to release creative and extremely entertaining content. Web series for one, have become one of the most popular things that people are now releasing on Youtube. And believe it or not, most of these web series, will give these major network tv shows a run for their money. Speaking of web series, have you ever heard of…

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    “Shows To Watch | S E X L E S S The Web Series “

    S E X L E S S is a Youtube web series that is brought to us by Black & Sexy TV. If you are not aware of who Black & Sexy TV is, they actually had a movie on Netflix name “A Good Day To Be Black And Sexy”. S E X L E S S chronicles the lives of four female friends, hailing from the city of Los Angeles. Two of these friends are virgins, while the other two have decided to take a voluntary vow of celibacy. S E X L E S S starring Leah Williams, Khalilah Joi, Lina Green and Gabrielle Maiden.

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    “Must Watch | Brand New Youtube Web Series, Giants.”

    Watching the same old content, time and time again can be a bit frustrating.  You are on a constant hunt for new and interesting shows to watch. You no longer care if the shows are on a major tv network or not. As long as the content is good, the story lines flows. And the video doesn’t look like those old 1990’s bootleg movies, remember those? You the kind, the ones with the fuzzy background. The ones that made squint. In order to get a better view of what was in front of you. Well surprisingly enough, finding suitable content is really not that hard to find these days. Also,…

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