Brutal Assault Over Botched Eyebrows, Here in Brookyn

So I guess it is ok to brutally assault customers over nonpayment of services? Even when they are not satisfied with the services they received? On Friday at 10:37 pm a Facebook user by the name of Mercy Maduka posted a video showing 4 nail technicians brutally beating one young lady with brooms. And assaulting another women, who was seen shielding a young women.

New Red Apple Nails located on 1426 Nostrand Avenue, in Brooklyn NY is under currently under fire for the ill treatment of patrons. According to onlookers a fight or rather the assault that occurred was over non-payment of services.

Abby Moses, mother of Christina Thomas, and grandmother Ms. Thelma received services such as manicures and eyebrow maintenance on Friday evening. The trio were unpleased with the eyebrow maintenance that 21yr old Christina recieved. They requested the job to be fixed. When that request was not granted, they refused to pay for that service in particular. They did however pay for the manicures. Unfortunately that was not good enough and that’s where things took a turn for the worst.

Shaunass=”wp-image-1464 size-medium” src=”http://candidlytoni.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/IMG_3627-300×297.jpg” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”297″ /> Abby Moses / Image Courtesy of [/captio

The nail technicians begin to brutally beat and assault the ladies with broom sticks, nail manicuring tools and even went as far as to throw acetone in Ms. Thelma’s face. In addition, Ms. Thelma was cut with a nail manicuring tool. Eventually the cops were called to the scene, and a nail technician by the name of Huiyue Zheng 32, was charged with weapon possession, and misdemeanor assault. Christina Thomas was charged with a misdemeanor assault as well.

Abby Moses / Image Courtesy of Shauna

This is a disgusting situation that took place, and things should have never went this far. If the customers were unhappy with one end of the services, but paid for the other services rendered to them. Then it is apparent that they were not tying to skip out on the bill. And if the owners felt that that was the case, then the cops should have been called first hand. It is never ok to assault anyone, if you are not being physically harmed.

Since the video has been shared, it aided in spreading the word what happened in the New Red Apple Nails Salon. On Monday at 10 am Tionna Smalls orchestrated a peaceful protest outside the salon to bring awareness of Friday’s occurrence. Also there were multiple news outlets in attendance.

Expect more protests to follow.

Imagine Courtesy of Shauna
            Imagine Courtesy of Shauna
     Imagine Courtesy of Shauna
Tionna Smalls / Imagine Courtesy of Shauna 

This is just another sad case of how African Americans are treated unfairly constantly. I am sure had one of our counterparts refused to pay for services they were unhappy with, things would have gone a totally different way. African Americans are constantly spending their hard earned dollars with groups of people who do not and never will respect them/us as human beings. Those women were treated like animals and it was not only unfair, but totally uncalled for. This salon should be put out of business, and every individual involved should lose their nail technician license. Including the man who held down the young lady.

Protester / Imagine Courtesy of Shauna
Protester / Imagine Courtesy of Shauna

In the meantime if you would like to support more black owned nail salons, and you live in or visit New York City. And I will also update this list, as I learn of new Black Owned nail salons.

Here is a list for you:

Black Owned Nail Salons

Free Edge Beauty Studio

470 Sterling Place (btw Classon & Washington Avenue)

Brooklyn, NY 11238

The Nail Suite By Lisa Logan

2388 Adam Clayon Powell Blvd

New York, NY 10030

The Nail Boutique

983 Fulton Street (btw Cambridge & St. James Place)

Brooklyn, NY 11283

The Nail Boutique (2nd location)

236 Lewis Avenue (btw Quincy St. & Gates Ave.)

Brooklyn, NY 11221

The Bed Of Nails

2272 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd

New York, NY 10030

Simply Polished

452 Lafayette Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11205

The Nail Spa (Formerly known as The Lacquer Palace)

184 Lenox Avenue (btw 119th & 120th St.)

New York, NY 10026

SHIC by Soketah

364 Myrtle Avenue (btw Emerson Pl. & Classon Ave.)

Brooklyn, NY 11205

Polished Fingertips

2198 Frederick Douglas Blvd. (btw 118th & 119th St)

New York, NY 10026

Picaso’s Nail Den

166 Atkins Avenue (btw Pitkin & Glenmore Ave.)

Brooklyn, NY 11208

Expectations Nail Spa

193-08 Linden Blvd

Saint Albans, NY 11412

Nail Bed (Organic)

317 Flathbush Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11217

Valencia’s Nails

361 New Lots Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11207

Barry’s Beauty Bar

859 Flatbush Avenue, suite 2 (btw Linden Blvd & Martense St.)

Brooklyn, NY 11226

The Nail Belle

199 Malcolm X Blvd (btw Madison St. & Jefferson Ave.)

Brooklyn, NY 11211

He Nailed It Nail Lounge

1708 E. New York Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11212

We have got to start supporting our own, everyone else does. Until next time.




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  • Leslie

    I liked that you not only gave awareness to this issue but offered a solution by providing a list of black owned salons to support. What happened to those women should not be ignored and I hope the place closes down and more importantly they lose there license! Otherwise they will just move to another spot and this could happen again.

    • Toni Wiggins

      Thank you so much! And I agree. How many business just relocate and go under a another name? When I went to their Yelp it said that they have a history of racism. And that is a major problem.

  • Kim

    This was just crazy! Thank you for providing this comprehensive list of black-owned nail salons in Brooklyn. I used to go to Shic to get my hair done for years.

  • Jonna

    I’ve never experienced anything like this but I started going to a black nail tech a few years ago. I hope people stop going to these places and don’t let cheaper prices draw them in. It’s worth it to support black business even if there is a slightly higher cost.

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