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Well I am sure by now everyone has seen both parts of The Bobby Brown Story. If you haven’t, do not worry. BET will play it to death.

The Bobby Brown Story As many of you know, Bobby Brown was scheduled to debut his biopic after “The New Edition” biopic was such a great success. For many of those who weren’t acquainted with Bobby Brown, pre the Whitney Houston era. Hopefully they were able to get a better understanding of who he was. Then there were those (such as myself) who grew up in the New Edition/Bobby Brown era. The movie served as refreshers course for us, while taking us down memory lane

One thing that is apparent. Many folks have absolutely no idea of who Bobby Brown was to Hip Hop and R&B. I noticed many people mentioned “Well why did he need a biopic? He only had 2 albums, and only 1 was major.” In total Bobby had 5 albums, 2 of those albums where major chart toppers. His first album “King Of The Stage” didn’t really have any impact at all. The only songs I loved and truly remember is “Girl Next Door” and “Girlfriend” Other than that, that album was pretty much nonexistent for me. And I truly believe they were still trying to keep him in that whole New Edition image. Which clearly did not work for Bobby, since that was not who he really was.

Bobby Brown King Of The Stage

Now when Bobby dropped his second album “Don’t Be Cruel” which was released in 1988. That was a game changer for him. “Don’t Be Cruel” peaked at #1 on the Billboard 200 album chart, and released 5 top 10 singles. His album was the best selling album in 1989. Bobby’s “Don’t Be Cruel Album” was so successful that he went from being the opening act, for New Edition. The group he was kicked out of. To being the closing act on their tour. In addition “Don’t Be Cruel” went on to be certified 7x platinum.

Bobby Brown Don’t Be Cruel

What most folks don’t understand is that when Bobby hit the music scene, as a solo artist. There weren’t any artist like him. New Jack swing was just taking off, and Bobby was one of the first artist to introduce us to that genre of music. He was able to fuse r&b with hip hop. Bobby rhymed on his songs, giving them an edge. AND in those times, we didn’t have artists doing music in that way.

When Bobby started his career with New Edition, they were marketed as these clean cut group of guys. That sung nothing but bubble gum music. So when Bobby Brown parted ways with them and gave us his style of music, it was a big thing. Not to mention his stage performances where everything! He was raunchy as hell, and again that was a lot for 1989. We weren’t exposed to this type of behavior. On TV there were no cussing, and exposed bodies like there is today. So it just wasn’t normal to see a artist behave in this manner. Bobby made way for artists like Chris Brown to exist.

Bobby could dance his ass off and had major sex appeal to the little girls, myself included. Which also leads me to something else. The overwhelming surprise that Bobby was able to pull Janet Jackson. For those of that era this is kind of old tea. People are unable to separate the Bobby of today, with the Bobby of then. Most look at the Bobby of today, who has been worn out by life and has lived hard as hell. Like how? Not Janet. Again I guess you had to have been from that era to understand and believe it.

Bobby Brown

Bobby’s third album came out after him and Whitney married, in 1992. His self titled album “Bobby” peeked at #2 on the Billboard 200 album chart. ‘This album was also a great album but is often overlooked. I guess because at this time, his relationship with Whitney overshadowed everything else. Nonetheless it was still a decent album.

There are some things that kind of made me understand Bobby a bit better from watching this movie and the New Edition Movie. Well we all know Bobby was extremely self centered. That was apparent in the New Edition movie. However in his movie, I was able to see Bobby and understand him just a little better. This man experienced a lot of traumatic experiences. He loss so many people in the early part of his life. In addition to walking around being undiagnosed, with biopolar disorder for god knows how long. Unfortunately a lot of folks who have mental instabilities, seem to self medicate just to cope.

What I do wish is that in this movie we were able to learn a bit more about him. I get that his wife wanted to insert her story line within the movie, since she swooped in and saved him. But I feel too much time was focused on her. Like why was his relationship with Bobby Kris so strained? When did he find out about his diagnosis, and how did that impact him and who he was. Just to name a few things that could have been spoke on.

Bobby Brown And Baby Bobbi Kristina Bobby Brown and Bobbi Kristina

All in all it was a decent movie. I clearly enjoyed the first half way better than the second. Maybe because I was not that invested, but I will rewatch to see if I have a different perspective. Sometimes you have to do that with movies. One thing is for sure. I am so glad that Bobby seems to be in a better place mentally. Which is a plus because at one time I was scared for him and it hurt to see him in the manner he was in. I hope he continues down this path and wish nothing but greatness for him. I was also pleased to hear that Bobby has a food company by the name of “Bobby Brown Foods”. I know on Being Bobby Brown he bragged about how well he could cook.

So how did you feel about the movie? Did you like it? Did you take away anything new? Did it change your view about Bobby?


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