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30 Minute Meal | Sautéed Shrimp & Spinach

This is really a 30 minute meal! Sometimes when you say a meal is 30 minutes or less, it really may be 30-45 minutes. Sorry! Luckly for you, this is actually a 30 minute meal.

30 Minute Meal | Sautéed Shrimp With Spinach


Listen I totally get that after a long day of whatever, your not really in the mood to spend an 1 hour or more in the kitchen. Standing over a hot stove, slaving to cook a meal. I know for me, once I get off of work. I want to make something quick. And if I am making something like this, I have to make another full meal. Why? Well because both of my kids have been blessed with shellfish allergies, darn!

Half of the time, I really am not in the mood for something heavy, like poultry. So this recipe comes in handy!


1 Llbs Of Shrimp or more (Shelled and Deveined)

2 Limes

1 Onion

4 Garlic Cloves Minced

1 Package Of Shitake Mushrooms

1 Tbs Of Adobo

1 Tbs Of Paprika

1 Tbs Of Cumin

1 Teaspoon Of Crushed Peppers

Couple Springs of Cilantro

Couple Springs Of Parsley

1 Tbs Of Olive Oil

1 Tbs of Butter

2 Limes Halved

1 Bunch Of Spinach

Rinse shrimp with cool water and juice of half a lime. Season with all of the seasonings and squeeze other half of lime. Refrigerate for 3 hours or over night.

Cut the stems off all Spinach leaves, then rinse well with cold water to remove any dirt and grit from spinach leaves. Dry and set aside.

Heat a skillet or Dutch oven pot, then add olive oil and butter. Add garlic and let sautéed until fragrant, for about 1 Minute. Do not allow garlic to burn, as it will create a bitter taste for your food. Add shrimp and stir fry until shrimp curls and is no longer opaque. Which is about about 5-8 mins. Add Spinch and turn off fire. The heat from the shrimp will wilt the spinach. Once the spinach has wiltered, slice line in half. And add the juice from both halves. Use your hand to catch the lime pulp. And just like that your done!

Pairs well with rice, or pasta. The water from the shrimp and spinach will create a broth that will coat pasta, or create a bit of gravy for your rice.

PS: You can omit the shrimp and use cut up chicken breast as well!

Bon Appetit!



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